How to Take Board Meeting Minutes

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The minutes of board meetings are a formal record of decisions, issues and discussions that took place during the board of directors’ meeting. They allow everyone to understand what took place, who said what and how it was voted on. They are also used as legal documents to be used for future reference.

While it’s not required however, having a dedicated secretary on the board can make process of recording and publishing minutes easier. They can pay attention to the discussion without interrupting. A note-taker who is specialized can aid in ensuring that the meeting is more organized and consistent approach to the meeting. Audio recordings can also be used to resolve any discrepancies in the minutes and also to record what happened during the meeting.

The first stage in the minute-taking procedure is to confirm that the board has a quorum members present at the meeting. This is accomplished by comparing the list of attendees against the board’s membership records to determine who was capable of attending. If a quorum cannot be met, then the chair may decide to suspend or defer the discussion for later consideration.

It is sufficient to list any items that were discussed in the meeting, but not to give a detailed description. A better option is to house all meeting materials in a secure, board portal using solutions such as Boardable. The presentations and other materials are easily accessible when needed. This is especially useful for new board members as well as those who were unable to attend the meeting.

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